Privacy Policy

Let’s simplify things when it comes to your privacy…

We take our responsibility of protecting your personal data very seriously. That is why we only require a valid email address and password for you to register and use the site. That’s it!

Your account password is encrypted and we won’t require any additional information from you to enter our prize draws.

The only other time we will request more information is when you successfully win one of our draws and make a prize claim. This is solely to confirm your name and PayPal email address so that we can pay your prize.

Finally, we will never share your personal information with any third parties.

Pollfish Surveys

We have recently introduced Pollfish surveys to the site. At the request of Pollfish we have added the following to our Privacy Policy

“This website uses Pollfish web plugin. Pollfish is an on-line survey platform, through which, anyone may conduct surveys. Pollfish collaborates with Developers of applications for smartphones and website owners in order to have access to users of such applications/websites and address survey questionnaires to them. This website uses and enables Pollfish cookies. When a user connects to this website, Pollfish detects whether the user is eligible for a survey. Data collected by Pollfish will be associated with your answers to the questionnaires whenever Pollfish sents such questionnaires to eligible users. For a full list of data received by Pollfish through this website, please read carefully Pollfish respondent terms located at By using this website you accept this privacy policy document and you hereby give your explicit consent for the placement of a Pollfish cookie in your system and the processing by Pollfish of the aforementioned data. Furthermore, you are informed that you may disable Pollfish operation at any time by using the Pollfish “opt out section” available on Pollfish website or by disabling “third party cookies” from your browser’s settings. We once more invite you to check the Pollfish respondent’s terms of use, if you wish to have more detailed view of the way Pollfish works works.

Please Note: Some of the links on this website are external and will direct you to other companies that will have their own privacy and data policies. We do NOT share our data with them and advise you to read their policies before you do.